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How to approach standardization in the heterogeneous world of biogas production

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Bioenergy Insight interviewed our experts and dived deep into the work we are doing to standardize and build the best biogas plants globally. 🌍

bioenergy insight

The world wants more biogas/biomethane, and it wants it fast.
Antec’s Plant-as-a-product approach, focusing on standardization, can be a game-changer in meeting the world's need for cleaner energy at lightning speed.

“We are constantly improving our platform, and our ambition is to build the best biogas plants in the world. We are working relentlessly with the objective of reducing the LCOE, the ‘levelised cost of energy’, meaning producing more biogas, with lower capex and lower opex. Biogas as an energy source is here to stay, and to maximise impact we need to think of the ‘plant-as-a-product’! says our Chief Technology Officer, Kristian Lunde.

Download the PDF or read the full article via https://www.bioenergy-news.com/