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Creating the renewable future of energy

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Since its inception in 2014, Antec has grown into a global contender in renewables with operations across Europe.

Antec’s first-of-its-kind technology turns biowaste into renewable energy and biofertilizer, and it has proven its value and attractiveness in the global market. The company prepares now to take the next step.

Renewable technology with global potential

The globalization of Antec’s technology means increasing the world’s access to sustainable energy sources, which can have a massive impact on reducing climate change. The company’s effective, circular, and modular technology converts biowaste into biogas, biofertilizer, circular fuels, clean heat, and renewable electricity.

- We’re globalizing a completely new technology, a challenging task where we believe success depends on leadership having international experience. As an entrepreneur and significant sizeable shareholder in Antec, I am eager to see the business flourish, says Eirik Gundersen, Antec CEO

Eirik Gundersen co-founded Antec together with brothers Uno and Egil Andersen in 2014. Gundersen has been instrumental in industrializing the technology resulting in the opening of the largest commercial renewable biogas plant in Western-Norway in 2022. He also helped expanding the organization and operations to Norway, France, Spain, the United Kingdom.

In 2021, the company brought on board impact investors Norselab and Lightrock to prepare for the global expansion.

A problem-solving visionary

- There are unprecedented opportunities to scale and internationalize Antec’s future-proof technology. If you’re compelled to solving the energy and resource crisis and reducing the world’s waste problem, you and Antec are the perfect match.