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Antec Biogas plant
Båtsfjord, Norway

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We recently built a renewable biogas plant in Båtsfjord, on the Liholmen peninsular, to handle organic waste from all of Eastern Finnmark in Northern Norway. Previously, these waste streams were transported to Sweden. "Liholmen Biogass" is the world's northernmost biogas plant, located in the county of Eastern Finnmark. Antec built and constructed a comprehensive renewable biogas system to process domestic food waste, fish waste, and cow manure. The renewable gas generated by the facility will be utilized to generate energy and heat for Liholmen Produksjon and other enterprises in the area. Local farmers will utilize biofertilizer that has been emptied for methane. The plant started its operations in December 2020 and provides major environmental benefits while contributing to a circular community.

Antec Båtsfjord Biogas plantAntec technology