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Meet Antec’s technology

Antec redefines the future of renewable energy. Watch the video and discover how.

How it works

Our technology is focused on scalability and high-energy outcomes. Embark on the journey from waste to value.


Food industryEnergy production

We offer local small-scale solutions, as well as specially adapted solutions for larger circular energy plants. It is a profitable investment as it turns industrial waste streams into profitable outputs such as circular energy, electricity and heat.



Farmers can invest in their own plants or deliver manure or fish sludge to a shared renewable biogas plant. During the process, methane is harvested from the biomix. The digestate is then used as fertilizer and can replace artificial fertilizers at the farms. Biofertilizers retain phosphorus and nitrogen and are completely odorless.


Waste collectionWaste water treatment

Municipalities have access to enormous bioresources of sewage sludge which contains a lot of energy. With a renewable circular installation, municipalities can tap into that energy and generate electricity and heat to the benefit of the local community. It will also reduce methane emissions and reduce odor pollution.