The food industry, large households (hotels, restaurants), supermarkets and the fish industry have a need to destruct biological and animal waste in a safe and efficient manner. The disposal is very costly, and the Antec biofilm reactor is the perfect soultion for both the industry and the waste management industry that handles this today.


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Todays problem


Waste is a problem, but gives a considerable potential for production and use of biogas. The challenge is low efficiency and high cost - low profitability.



​A biological/mechanical process that accelerates and simplifies the production process significantly. We can reduce process time to five days, and increase gas outcome with 60%.



A process that can be industrialized and made available at a cost that make biogas a preferred alternative to other sources of energy.


Investment Pay Back 

- Low plant costs, low investment and extremely high efficiency with up to 98% utilization of methane potential makes the investment profitable with a short pay back time.

Modular and Flexible 

– Modular like Lego, you can build up the capacity according to increasing need, avoid overinvestment before you need it.

Easy Calculation

– We can easily help you to calculate your plant. Antec Biogas has the possibility to test different substrates in our test plant. Get in touch, and we can advise you about what kind of solution that will fit you needs.

Competence and Support

– We have high technical and biomass competence, and are available 24/7 for any questions and challenges you may have.​

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