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An infinite loop

Our purpose is to create our renewable future. By enabling an infinite loop of bioresources, we empower communities to minimize their planetary footprint and derive value from organic waste.

Our journey

Antec received the Bioenergy Innovation Award in 2016, which is granted yearly by SINTEF, the Research Council, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), and Innovation Norway for the Best Green Technology Invention as a Future Solution.

We have already built numerous plants and have developed a technology that offers new potential for biogas production: fiberglass tanks with quick digestion, improved energy extraction (gas), and profitability in waste, which is a new main energy source.

Antec has collaborated extensively with the research community at The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and The Norwegian University of Life Sciences since its inception (NMBU). This has been really beneficial, as testing and development are critical components of our efforts to enhance procedures and document our new technology.

Antec Management team

Eirik Gundersen Antec

Eirik Gundersen


General Management

E: eirik.gundersen@antecbiogas.com

T: +47 41615490

Egil Andersen Antec

Egil Andersen

Founder & Chief Evangelist

Business Development

E: egil.andersen@antecbiogas.com

T: +47 97057740

Marius Lømo Antec

Marius Lømo



E: marius.lomo@antecbiogas.com

T: +47 91545608

Espen Govasmark Antec

Espen Govasmark

Director Biology & Research

Antec Labs

E: Espen.govasmark@antecbiogas.com

T: +47 40480233

Kristian Lunde Antec

Kristian Lunde



E: Kristian.lunde@antecbiogas.com

T: +47 90533073

Our values

These are the foundational principles that we stand by at Antec. They infuse our every action and decision.

Dare to explore

We are entrepreneurs at heart: curious, ambitious and unafraid.

Make an impact!

We are in business to create a better world. Our drive to contribute is what keeps us going.

Deliver as committed

People can trust us to do what we say, say what we do and deliver what we promise.

Collaborate for better

Through collaboration, we grow as humans, and as a company. Together are stronger and smarter.

Never give up

We never quit. We are determined to crack any problem.

Our ecosystem partners

We are always on the lookout to expand our partner ecosystem with distribution and technology partners to bring our innovative technology to new markets.

Job opportunities

Want to help solving the biggest challenges of our time? A career at Antec means having an immediate impact on solving the energy crisis and our growing waste problem.

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Engineer El & automation


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Project Manager


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