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Antec Biogas started up in 2014 by the brothers Andersen, and the name stands for Andersen Technology. The brain behind the technology in Antec is Uno Andersen and the patented technology comes as a result of research of development many years in advance. Together with his older brother Egil Andersen, who has long experience with economy and project management, they made the business become a reality.

Since then Antec has grown with two new partners in the company. These are Eirik Gundersen, who early helped on building the strategy, and Brede Bergskaug who has a solid background and experience as a sales director.

The goal of the company is to become a leading supplier of green energy internationally. It should be profitable, engaging and enviromental friendly to select Antec Biogas as a supplier.

Antec in media:

The brothers with their firs award, Egil Andersen (left) and Uno Andersen (right) with the award!

Antec Biogas AS

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