Hopp til hovedinnhold


A natural leap forward

Most biogas is generated using a technology that is 40 years old. At Antec we knew there had to be a better way.

That's why we turned to the undisputed champion of biodigestion: the cow.

Antec renewable energy

Industrially replicating the market leader in digestion: the cow.

Antec's pioneering biogas technology mimicks the cow’s digestive system. We combine plug-flow anaerobic digestion with high surface area biofilm to provide an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. The use of biodigestion chambers allows for greater control of the process and higher gas yields.

We’re industrializing and scaling up our production. Next to selling our technology, we also build whole biogas and biofertilizer production facilities. By pushing our production up and keeping our costs down, we aim to build thousands of efficient, distributed biogas plants where the waste is.


Why Antec?

Minimal retention time

Minimal retention time

Antec’s technology is much faster than traditional plants. The average retention time is reduced from 30 days to 8 days.

Higher Gas Yield

Higher Gas Yield

Average of 85% gas yield compared to traditional 60% gas yield within the same time frame.

Lower energy consumption

Lower energy consumption

Reduced energy needs for mixing and substrate heating. Further improvements by installing reactors inside the buildings.



The technology is easy to scale due to its modular design, off-site manufacturing and minimized footprint.

Antec Biogas Plant

Your biomass partner

Antec is a turnkey solution partner that navigates biomass owners through the entire waste-to-energy process. We build and operate high-performing biogas plants with biomass owners to produce high in demand biogas, biomethane, and biofertilizer.

Due to extensive experience in setting up and running renewable biogas plants, Antec knows how to set up a project for success in navigating potential risks to ensure a long-term strategic partnership.

Our experienced teams will follow the project together with you from start to finish. Let's turn your waste into valuable resources!

Antec Biogas Plant

Your turnkey solution partner


Experienced partner

We provide the shortest and most comfortable path from waste to energy. A hassle-free route.

data driven

Data-driven technology

Utilizing data analysis, we strive for maximum energy output by identifying the ideal substrate mix.


Biology competence

Our in-house biology advisory team monitors closely tracks the health of the biofilm to ensure optimal performance.


Partner network

Our technology
at work

Industrial Renewable Energy Plant
Stord, Norway

The plant will process over 50,000 tonnes of biowaste per year and will be Norway's most advanced renewable biogas plant using Antec's technology. The plant in Stord is built at an industrial site near a quay area. Cow manure and fish sludge will be the primary inputs for the production of renewable energy. The plant will handle approximately 50,000 tons of organic waste per year and will be Norway's most advanced biogas plant, using Antec's technology. For shipping and heavy transport, the renewable biogas will be converted to liquified biogas (LBG). The CO2 that is captured from the plant will be made available for purchase by the food and greenhouse industries. The Stord renewable biogas plant is constructed in partnership with Renevo AS.

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Antec Biogas plant
Båtsfjord, Norway

We recently built a renewable biogas plant in Båtsfjord, on the Liholmen peninsular, to handle organic waste from all of Eastern Finnmark in Northern Norway. Previously, these waste streams were transported to Sweden. "Liholmen Biogass" is the world's northernmost biogas plant, located in the county of Eastern Finnmark. Antec built and constructed a comprehensive renewable biogas system to process domestic food waste, fish waste, and cow manure. The renewable gas generated by the facility will be utilized to generate energy and heat for Liholmen Produksjon and other enterprises in the area. Local farmers will utilize biofertilizer that has been emptied for methane. The plant started its operations in December 2020 and provides major environmental benefits while contributing to a circular community.

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Antec Biogas plant
Prestseter, Valle College at Toten, Norway

Presteseter is a vast and modern farm that belongs to Lena Valle College. The farm serves as a training ground for future farmers and is managed with an eye toward the future. Antec installed a full renewable biogas plant with a power and heating generating solution (CHP) in 2018. This allows the farm to save money on energy while producing odorless and effective biofertilizer from its own cows and pigs' manure. The farm is an excellent illustration of how the agricultural sector can contribute to reducing GHG emissions.

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